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For questions about the interaction between software engineering and DevOps. For pure software engineering questions with little relevance to DevOps, consider asking at Software Engineering Stack Exchange.

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QA instability due to lack of stable UAT/staging environment

Our testing teams are facing extensive downtime due to testing in a shared QA environment. When our front end teams perform end to end testing, their test (QA) environment points to the back end ...
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How to build, package and deploy a react-native-web app in a Docker container?

Given there is a react-native-web solution, what needs to be done to build it and run inside a Docker container? What is the build environment/toolchain? Which environment is required to run? From ...
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What does "build step" mean?

The term build step is used everywhere, yet I searched both and to no avail. That baffles my mind. I also searched for a developer terminology index. Anyone has a good explanation ...
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Should I give an assessment to DevOps Candidate

We're a software team currently trying to hire a DevOps Engineer. We have an assessment for Software Developer candidates and we're currently evaluating the idea of having an assessment for our ...
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What are the different types of work in a development team?

I'm currently on my annual re-read of The Phoenix Project and we're going through the different types of work that an Ops Team face. These are: Project Work Changes Internal Projects Unplanned Work ...
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How well can agile pair programming work in interdisciplinary DevOps contexts?

In agile, pair programming can be performed like the following: two specialists of same discipline change the place before the terminal and each has a chance to code and to conceptualize/reflect; two ...
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git - develop base and extended feature - commits in base should reflect in extended in pull

Hie I am working around in git to achieve something like mentioned below. Imagine there is a Big feature which is going to develop - since it's very big they have split into core feature and an ...
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What is the cheapest way to get CI for a Qt project?

To build up my portfolio I'm writing an application to showcase all the best practices I'm aware of, including unit tests and continuous integration. The project was originally started in C++, and I ...
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Jenkins: What is a build?

I'm coming from Ops and I don't have a heavy software engineering background. In Jenkins, what is a "build" exactly and why is it named such? When I build a shell/powershell script, I'm not really ...
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Software/devops engineer's personal dashboard recomendations

Can you recommend a free tool or GitHub project that is designed for an individual to keep up/aware of their daily tasks and operations? For example: Show perf metrics from running azure VMs in ...
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Crash course in Dev for Ops?

I schooled in CompSci where we were primarily taught Java, but what I learned there is that my passion is systems, so I've always worked the ops side. I'm handy with scripting, so I'm not looking for ...
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"Software Development" which environment is it: Manufacturing or Projects?

Is it Manufacturing or Projects? Definitions I am using for these: Project Planned set of interrelated tasks to be executed over a fixed period and within certain cost and other limitations. ...
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Application calling AWS internal load balancer in same subnet is timing out

Some background: I've created a moderately complex network using Amazon's vpc. It's a three-tiered network across two availability zones. Each layer has a subnet in zone-a and zone-b. The ...
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How do I hire a good DevOps, fitting my company?

Good developers should fit rule 11 of the Joel Test: Do new candidates write code during their interview? However, I know little to nothing about Docker containers, how to configure Jenkins or AWS,...
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What are ways to mitigate the effects of Mythical Man Month?

Brooks's law: Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later. In his book No Silver Bullet — Essence and Accidents of Software Engineering Frederick Brooks defines the concept of Mythical ...
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