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For questions seeking a specific piece of software related to DevOps. Please check the tag wiki before asking a [software-recommendation] question—there are additional guidelines to help you ask clearly.

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Continuous integration of an operating system

I want to hire a VPS but my problem is that most if not all of the VPS companies out there expect me to work with it as is and if I want to majorly upgrade it, I must, backup everything I have added ...
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Our code is behind a firewall and we don't want to put source code in cloud. Are there any good CI/CD using local agents for Azure/Github actions

Our source code is in our servers and we don't have approval to put it in cloud. We don't have a seamless CI/CD. Can we use Azure pipeline agents or any local agents to build our code and only export ...
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Appropriate use cases for git submodule and braid [closed]

For what use cases are git submodules (or subtrees) better suited than braid and vice-versa?
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Should I build my own pipeline or use GitLab for Kubernetes?

My company is moving from an architecture of "many projects on a single webserver" to a Kubernetes cluster with multiple different hosted web applications in a single cluster. In order to make ...
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Tool for storing per environment configuration

I have a requirement to store configuration information on a per environment basis in a tool. This is a tool with a GUI for adding/updating configuration values (e.g connection strings). This should ...
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Which SCM solutions exist for managing mainframe software?

Imagine a company using mainframes to run (part of) their (often mission critical) business applications, and using z/OS (also known as OS/390, or MVS). What are the typical softwares they use to ...
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Is there a CI tool that guarantees no regressions in the branch quality level?

Traditionally CI systems only perform monitoring of the quality levels in an integration branch, by performing QA verifications on the codebase where the changes are already committed, watching for ...
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What are the advantages of using Jenkins over Hudson?

Jenkins is a fork of Hudson. What are the benefits/advantages of using Jenkins over Hudson for a small private business?
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