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Is there any way of getting code coverage with molecule?

I'm currently working on testing Ansible roles with Molecule. I have one role with 2 scenarios that are executed in Jenkins but just before that, those are submitted to a SonarQube analysis. So I ...
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SonarQube in Azure Devops

I am a newbie to DevOps and wanted to learn things by doing. What I have done: I got my code into the Azure Repo (courtesy: Visual Studio Credits) and have a successful build. Now I want to integrate ...
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Sonar analysis successful but not seeing report-task.txt file

I am running sonar analysis on PR jobs using jenkins freesytle project. sonar analysis is running fine, after run it is showing as [INFO] ANALYSIS SUCCESSFUL But in the next line it is throwing WARN:...
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How to point Environmental variable SONAR_JAVA_PATH to Java Executable?

After I launched command StartSonar, I get this error message: ERROR: java.exe not found. Please make sure that the environmental variable SONAR_JAVE_PATH points to the Java executable. What is ...
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