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For questions about Spring Boot, the Java framework for creating Spring applications. Development questions may be better suited at Stack Overflow.

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Spring Boot Microservices cannot run on Kubernetes ( connect timed out)

I have a problem about running Spring Boot Microservices on Kubernetes. After I installed minikube, I started it and open its dashboard. Here is the commands to open dashboards. 1 ) minikube start 2 ) ...
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How to start start applications one after another with a shell script?

I'd like to automatically start all of the following applications after the system startup. However, they need to be started in a specific order and when the previous application is done booting. The ...
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How do I monitor response times with sprint actuator metrics and Telegraf?

We are using micrometer with the statsd flavor in our Spring Boot applications to send metrics to Telegraf for visualization in the Grafana dashboard. However, I notice that the most valuable metrics ...
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Continuous Deployment with jenkins

I am a beginner in DevOps. I created a continuous integration cycle using jenkins(docker image) and bitbucket. I used a simple spring boot hello-world project and after CI i got an executable Jar. I ...
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Grafana Status Panel Plugin - genereate status box for each entry from a Prometheus querry

I am trying to create a dashboad out of process_uptime_seconds{namespace="$namespace"} querry from Spring Actuator. and Prometheus as datasource I am trying to build a single stat box menus ...
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Spring boot prometheus - difference between system_cpu_usage and process_cpu_usage

Spring boot reports two statistics when Prometheus in place. # HELP system_cpu_usage The "recent cpu usage" for the whole system # TYPE system_cpu_usage gauge system_cpu_usage 0....
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Minimum postgresql + spring + react hardware requirements

I have to deploy my postgresql + spring + react fullstack application on premise so cloud is out of the question. It's going to be used by around 15 users at a time. But I have to specify what ...
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Using Prometheus to monitor Spring Boot Applications in Kubernetes Cluster

I have spring boot powered microservices deployed in my local kubernetes cluster. The microservices are using micrometer and prometheus registry but due to our company policy the actuator is available ...
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Having some trouble getting service running with Docker and Terraform

I'm very new to DevOps but I'm trying to learn some of it a bit. I'm working with Terraform, trying to get a service to run on AWS using Fargate and Docker. I've successfully set up my ECR ...
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Where should we keep application properties file while doing build promotion using Jenkins?

We are using spring boot to develop Java backend services. file has the database configurations. We are deploying in 4 different environments (dev, test, UAT, and production). ...
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Jenkins configuration to support multi-config multi-branch CI

Here are my requirements and I go back-and-forth on how to achieve them: Must build Java spring-boot apps Artifacts must be released to artifactory repository Docker image to be built directly ...
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How do I write a buildspec.yml file?

I have Java Spring web service project on EC2 I tried writing a buildspec.yml for it. However the AWS CodeBuild service is not giving successful results. In the install phase itself, it tells apt-...
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Ansible playbook for configuring runit to supervise an uberjar?

We are using Ansible 1.9 for deploying Spring Boot microservices. We are using CentOS 6 and the services are packaged as rpms. We intend to configure the executable jar files to be supervised by ...
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