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Best Practice for Managing Ephemeral Storage on Bare Metal Kubernetes Instance?

Host OS: Ubuntu 20.04 Kubernetes: 1.23 RAM: 64g HDD: 3.7Tb Containers are failing and rescheduling due to low ephemeral storage. Ex. The node was low on resource: ephemeral-storage. Container <...
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Estimate storage space for a git server

How to estimate the space a git repository will take on a source version control server? For example, given k commits every day, with x kB of code per commit, my repository will take n GB of server ...
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GKE - Persistent Volume not able to mount to the if cluster have less than 4 nodes

I have a simple storage setup: [ GKE [ NFS Server -> PV -> PVC -> Deployment (Min 2 pods-HPA) ] ] GKE version: 1.19.12-gke.2101 The GKE cluster has 4 nodes before and I resize down to 3 nodes ...
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