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Recommended SVN branching strategy for DevOps

We are using SVN as our version control system and we are using the below standard layout for our projects. Tags Branches Trunk Trunk: -> Trunk will always hold the latest code changes. ...
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Does anyone have resources, tools, ideas, for automating database create, update, modify, delete

I've been tasked to find a way to automate promotion of database creation, changes and other modification related to application changes in a devops world. My databases include MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL ...
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Alternating VC branches to build deployment artifacts for different environments

We use Jenkins for CI. The app is written in Java, built with Maven (invoked manually in local dev environments and by Jenkins), deployed on various Tomcat servers. Nothing unusual about the ...
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SVN Externals in Git

I have a handful of projects that utilize SVN externals. How should these externals be handled in Git? For reference, these externals are shared by multiple repositories and are updated very ...
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Which SCM tools does Jenkins support?

I'm aware that Jenkins supports Git and SVN. What other SCM tools does Jenkins support?
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