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Docker is too fast to start containers on reboot

I am running a compose file with restart: always on some services, with the following content and an .env file. version: "3.3" services: <some_name>: image: ${IMAGE} restart: ...
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How can I prevent Ubuntu 22.04 from logging every line of output from a podman-based systemd service twice?

I have podman-based containerized systemd services running on Ubuntu 22.04. Every line of output is sent to journald twice: once by conmon and once by podman. As an example, here's my /etc/systemd/...
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docker.service setting for tls connection

I'm trying to make TLS connection of docker on ubuntu 22.04. So, I modified /lib/systemd/system/docker.service from default. The modified docker.service is below. [Unit] Description=Docker Application ...
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Ansible Playbook fails start Apache Cassandra

I have been tried ran a Ansible Playboo, but after change the cassandra.yml when the service tries start I received this error bellow: ● cassandra.service - LSB: distributed storage system for ...
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how to protect proxy credentials of a local docker daemon run by systemd from viewing by ordinary users?

i have my local docker CLI binary connected with a docker daemon on the LAN (or better say on the same machine). for certain duties this daemon needs to connect to the internet via a company firewall/...
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How to automatically update Swarm services when the Docker daemon restarts

I'm using Docker Swarm, and I have condition: always in the restart_policy of my compose file, so my services are started automatically when the system reboots or the Docker daemon is restarted. What ...
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Should I use systemd or docker-compose to replace Upstart for keeping Docker containers running on my systems?

We are talking about Docker containers as sysdig, consul, fluentd, mesos-slave, etc. that we are running on almost all machines. Currently we are using Ubuntu's Upstart and CoreOS's Fleetctl. We're ...
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