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For questions about TeamCity, one of the most popular continuous integration tools.

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TeamCity run step in docker

I'm trying to set up TeamCity to run tests on a .NET project. I have installed TeamCity and its agent (with access to docker) using docker compose : teamcity: image: jetbrains/teamcity-server ...
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Team City Server issue after upgrade

Recently we have upgraded TC to the latest version (TeamCity Professional 2021.1.1 (build 92714)). After upgrade builds run fine when a new VCS root is created, but after a push is made to the ...
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How do I find out exactly when a Github personal access token was last used?

A few days ago, I got an email from github saying that a personal access token that we used is in an 'outdated format': We noticed that an application, TeamCity(, owned by an ...
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Make TeamCity see test results in real time using Maven, JUnit 4 and Surefire

So we have a TeamCity with numerous JUnit 4 test suites builds configured. The problem: Tests tab is only populated after build is complete. If build crashes, tests tab is not populated, even with ...
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TeamCity - CI w/ Multi-project .NET solution using SOA build and delivery issues

I have a multi-project .NET solution that I'm trying to set-up with TeamCity (TC) for CI and Octopus Deploy (OD) for CD. I originally set-up TC to pull the latest from SVC, build the solution and ...
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On-Site Octopus Deploy - How to deploy projects in a multi-project solution to different IIS locations

I'm tasked with setting up CI/CD for my company. I'm using TeamCity which I have configured using the Octopus Deploy plugin to create a Nuget package to the appropriate dev server (alternatively, I ...
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TeamCity web interface not accessible on Chrome

I've installed teamcity on two machines now. The first, I tried reinstalling multiple times because the web interface would launch in Chrome and fail with: This site can’t be reached The webpage at ...
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How to handle different credentials in continuous integration?

I am using teamcity to automatically build and test a nodejs application. The problem I am facing is that the application needs to have some environment variables set during the build phase, as well ...
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Running Protractor tests in docker through teamcity

I have a project for which I am using Teamcity to automate deployment, and I would also like to automate testing. It is an angular frontend, and we have some protractor tests. I would like to run ...
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Cancel sibling snapshot dependency on failure

I have a simple build chain configure in TeamCity: build -> create-base-image -> -> docker publish test -> I have ...
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How to report Code Coverage metrics across git repositories?

We are using private git repositories in Azure DevOps and I have a requirement to create code coverage report across git repositories. Our build CI/CD pipelines are using both TeamCity & Azure ...
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How to patch AssemblyInfo in TeamCity for .net core 2.1 projects?

In the .net core 2.1 project, there is a *.csproj file, that contains assembly information: <PropertyGroup> <AssemblyVersion>2019.1.15341.0</AssemblyVersion> <FileVersion&...
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Teamcity web-interface does not work

I have Teamcity on Windows machine. When installed it, I selected the 8080 port. I have another application on the 80 and 443 ports. It worked fine, but now I see an error: But if I open localhost:...
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What are the main differences between Jenkins and TeamCity if one is used to working with Jenkins?

These tools seem to share very similar characteristics. How complicated would it be to start using TeamCity after getting used to working on Jenkins? Are there specific concepts one needs to be ...
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How to automate TeamCity installation using docker?

JetBrains TeamCity docker image describe build steps for already installed TeamCity. Is there any way to automate installation of TeamCity it-self? For example creating the admin account, enabling ...
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