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kustomize apply nameprefix and commonlabels to a list in path

i have this: kustomization.yaml: apiVersion: kind: Kustomization configurations: - configuration.yaml namePrefix: app-prefix- resources: - logging-output.yaml - ...
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docker-compose multiple services in a loop

Trying to optimize definition of multiple services with docker-compose.yml Here is the original, "dumb" variant of the docker-compose.yml: version: '3' services: s1: build: . ports: - "...
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Configuring Zookeeper from Ansible

I'm trying to configure a Zookeeper Cluster with Ansible. As you might know Zookeeper has two important config files. zookeeper/conf/zoo.cfg I create this file on each cluster member using this ...
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Ansible Jinja template if statement

This is a snippet from my Ansible jinja template which populates an environment specific template. docker_compose_mq: <string-passed from Jenkins> docker_compose_profiles: "string" {% if "{{ ...
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Is it possible to template JIRA issues with pre-filled field contents?

In first place I look for default JIRA functionality e.g. without 3rd party plugins to simlify and improve the issue workflow. Examples: Simple: Template for an acceptable bug report Probably, less ...
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Constructing Dependencies from a Pillar in Saltstack

I'm trying to create a dummy state in Salt to pull dependencies from a list derived from a pillar. In my top.sls file, I have: base: '*': - components Then, in components.sls, I have: {% if '...
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