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What is one name to describe VM hypervisors, Docker and other OS-level virtualisation? "sandbox"? - "hypervisor"?

I am writing and need a heading after which I can describe unikernels, Kata, cgroups and namespaces, and all that nice stuff. What is the name for this thing? A small amount of research brought up: ...
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Provisioning meaning

Provisioning is the process of setting up IT infrastructure. It can also refer to the steps required to manage access to data and resources, and make them available to users and systems. Provisioning ...
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Are microservices "cloud-ish medium-lived services"?

According to p21-23, Kevin McGuire of New Relics classifies the containers in three categories: VM-like with a ...
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Can we talk about "reproducible builds" when working with interpreted languages?

This is a vocabulary question. I know the concept of reproducible build as the guarantee we can build software from the sources on a different host or at a different time, but producing an end-product ...
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Dealing with ambiguity of the terms publish vs. deploy

DevOps terminology sometimes originates in products as introduced by their authors. As a result, there are some standard actions described by ambigous terms. In mixed teams and large heterogeneous ...
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What is, or could be the formal and/or officially established definion of a "stage"?

Many of us use this term in daily business quite intuitively: "build stage", "test stage" and used long before the rise of DevOps. But is there a formal and/or well-established definition of this ...
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