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Questions tagged [testing]

Software testing is any activity aimed at evaluating an attribute or capability of a program or system and determining that it meets its required results. Use this tag on questions that talk about the testing of systems or software that would be on-topic for this site.

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What are the metrics to consider when doing API performance testing?

I want to establish the benchmark behavior of my API through performance testing. The purpose is to ensure that the product meet or exceed requirements such as: Throughput Response time Stability ...
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Is there an all-in-one control center software that can be used to manage build and test execution and to visualize test results?

If there are no constraints with regards to other components used in the system at all, do you know a software that can be used as a sort of "cockpit" / control center to visualize test ...
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How to test production Ansible execution without having to provision target

We use ansible for our day to day operation and so far so good. We have been looking for a way to run local test etc just like chef guys and found molecule that we use with testinfra/vagrant. While I ...
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Docker gets stuck when running 16 tests

I'm running my dotnet 7.0 tests using "testcontainers" on windows machine. The tests are parallelized integration tests which use SQL Server inside a Linux docker container. Each test ...
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Deploy A War/Ear To Container Marked build As failure When Deploying To Tomcat 9 Server

When I was Deploying A Sample Application On Tomcat9 I Faced This Issue. This is the Tomact9 Users File where I added credentials do I need to add anything more, Is There Any Configuration Which I ...
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