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Questions tagged [tfs]

For questions about Microsoft's Team Foundation Server - a team-oriented software development toolset, including: IDE integration, version control, CI, agile tools.

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In TFS how to check a C# source code base for wrong usage of static variables or methods in multithreaded code before build

We have a huge base of code from an .NET Desktop ERP, database access layers are now being used for web projects, so we experienced multithreading issues because of static variables. For now I would ...
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Link Deployment status to workitems in TFS

I am new to Tfs or Azure DevOps and I am trying to link deployment status of my releases to work items. I have tried going to classic release pipelines -> options -> integrations -> Report ...
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Azure DevOps Build Validation of other repo's pipeline: "while loading the YAML build pipeline. Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

This (nearly empty) Azure DevOps pipeline yaml fails when initiated because of a PR from another repo's Build Validation: azure-pipelines.yaml of "App A": pool: name: default steps: - ...
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Azure DevOps User CAL License for TFS 2013

As per the below document dated 03-Dec-2020, if we buy monthly access to Azure Devops, we can have user CAL to use Azure DevOps Server (TFS 2015 to Azure DevOps 2020) . When we check for TFS 2013, it ...
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How to authenticate, with azure devops services, using SAML via on premise standalone java application?

We have a network where azure DevOps services can be used by logging in via SAML. There is an independent java application in that same network. Can anyone please point out a way that this java ...
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