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How to evangelize DevOps and tools in a low acceptance environment?

An evocative learning about innovative disruptive technology is that you might find out that not everybody is going to be excited about tools which can give you more productivity. To make this ...
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Which organization types are targeted by DevOps transformation?

Due to my lacking vocabulary in this context I am not sure how to designate the two types of organizations I would like to talk about before I can put my question. Anybody capable of better wording ...
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8 votes
2 answers

What is a Notes Day and can it be used in DevOps transformation?

Lately I am hearing about more and more companies adopting the Pixar concept of a Notes Day and I was wondering what exactly is a Notes Day, what would be a good format for such event and mainly if it ...
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How to persuade developers to start using feature flag toggles?

Assuming that feature flag toggles are a good idea, and should be implemented into code that developers write. For example Etsy swear by them as a major part of their culture. What is a good way to ...
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How to change existing policies in an organisation?

I assume that an organization wishing to do a DevOps transformation has some problems and policies it is interested in changing. This interest can come from top managers, middle managers, or even from ...
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