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Sorting out automated testing in CI pipeline and getting conflicting information related to building, unit testing and Docker images

I seem to get a unique response for every person that I ask, or every article that I read, which is just confusing me even more. Basically, I'm trying to setup automated testing in the CI pipeline ...
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What is Unit testing in the context of YML configuration Alerting rules?

I read a very short blog posting about Unit testing alerts with Prometheus Can you explain me why I need unit testing for *.yml? What is the benefit of unit testing for configuration files? I not ...
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How to create GitHub Actions for unit testing in .NET projects?

Could You help me? I use NUnit framework to test my .NET project. And I want to run my tests via GitHub Actions. What should be included in the assembly of my project? Maybe there are some standard ...
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Azure DevOps Server: Why does a Visual Studio Test step take so long to run unit tests?

In an Azure DevOps Server build system installed on premises, I have a Build Pipeline with a Visual Studio Test step. The step is configured to discover and run XUnit unit tests in a DLL. The step is ...
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Can Cypress with cucumber replace php unit and regression tests in CI/Cd pipeline?

Or there a language agnostic unit and regresion testing? My team built an MVP with manual tests only and we got into the inverted icecream antipattern. Now to transform into production we need to fix ...
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Unit Test AWS Glue job in CodePipeline

I have an AWS Glue job written in Python that I would like to perform pyunit tests on. However, from reading and experimenting on my own, there seem to be quite a few dependencies on the Glue service, ...
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