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How do I refer in Azure Pipelines to an output variable defined in a previous stage for defining stage conditions and new variables?

I'm writing an Azure Pipeline where I use the targetBranchName of a pull request to define the test environment I'm going to use. Since targetBranchName has no value before execution, I created a &...
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How to change value of pre-defined variable in GitLab to all lowercase

My environment requires the use of the predefined variable CI_PROJECT_NAMESPACE in .gitlab-ci.yml; however, this variable is in all caps, which makes my build job fail. I've tried several ways to ...
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Why is parameter not propagated to post-build parameterized build?

I'm trying to apply the guidance I recently read at how to trigger parameterized builds from a different build in Jenkins and - but this doesn't seem ...
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Ansible - Variable expansion inside hostvars declaration?

I have a hardcoded hostvars line, like so: node1_hostname={{ hostvars['']['node1_hostname'] }} I have a set_fact variable from a previous play that I'd like to expand in the host section ...
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Enable/disable resource in terraform using count

I added a piece of code to support enable/disable to the feature - I used the count. Now I have the following problem: ERROR: on modules/eventhub/ line 110, in resource "azurerm_eventhub&...
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ansible: difference between a variable and a fact

While I'm using Ansible for quite some time, I'm not sure I really understand the differences between a variable and a fact. Would it be any difference doing - set_fact: nginx_ssl: /etc/nginx/ssl ...
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