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Questions about versioning, e.g. should semantic versioning be used and how to increment it

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AWS Cloudformation - managing multiple stages versioning and deployment

I'm working on a simple cloudformation stack for a web app (some lambda functions, api gateway, cloudfront distribution, etc). The cloudformation stack template is currently versioned on a gitlab ...
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Version agnostic code in a branch-versioned monorepo?

Our repo at work has branch versions, branch names are like, 1.0 1.2 1.4 We also have version-agnostic code we're creating now for a plugin system. Currently there is a proposal to put this version ...
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Helm and cicd in a multi-repository environment: how to introduce a concept of build?

We have a set of microservices stored in multiple repositories which we deploy on k8s. Currently we use a simple cicd which is triggered by commit to repo. The cicd then builds an image, places image ...
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A case for exceeding docker's max depth

I am building a common library inside a docker container. A number of applications depend on the library. They build inside the common container and the compiled files are copied in a "slim" ...
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Gradual rollout management for client applications

I want to rollout software to clients (1m+) devices in a gradual fashion due to high risk. Ideally i would be able to target users based on analytical data i posses and decide if they should receive ...
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