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Ansible in venv: how to pip install globally on localhost?

Ansible is installed and is running in a virtual environment: (env) ansible-playbook -vvvv -i localhost playbook.yml I'm trying to install a Python package globally, but it either installs in venv ...
2 votes
1 answer

Continuous deployment of package to virtualenv

My colleagues don't want to create their own virtualenv and deploy my tools from git on their own as part of their automation. Instead they want the tools pre installed on a shared server. So I was ...
7 votes
3 answers

Re-using Python virtual environments on a build server

Currently, every time we run a build through Jenkins+Ansible, we are re-creating a virtual environment and re-installing all the dependencies listed inside the requirements.txt file. This is very ...
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2 answers

Should development tools be installed on the host or in an environment standardized at project level? [closed]

On a development host, do you consider it still worth installing the development tools (compiler, interpreter, package manager, testing tools, ...) on the host? Or are the developers supposed to ...
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2 answers

Automating creation of new VM and pushing code to server

Automating creating of new VM and pushing code to server Hi all, I am writing a integration test for a client-server application. To simulate the production server setup, and to update the code, I ...
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1 answer

Re-using Python virtual environment vs Re-building it

Currently, we build our application on a build server where we create a virtual environment using virtualenv command, install all the Python dependencies into it, then "patch" it using the following ...
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1 answer

Using Anaconda instead of pip+virtualenv

We are currently using pip+virtualenv and install all our Python dependencies during the application build step on the CI. This requires compiling some of the packages, which contain C modules, which ...