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Share docker-compose volume definition but changing base path

I need to cite the same volume mount structures among different container. Use case: two different stage of an app, same dir structure, different code base. I have a long volumes definition that is ...
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How Docker volume works?

Somebody creates a php and Apache project, with docker, using volumes to persist the files that this project generated (plain text files saved in a folder). This person built the image and ran the ...
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How do you a initialize a new volume without a file system or partition table?

I'm using OpenStack and I am trying to provision a compute resource on it. I want that compute resource to attach to a volume. We have three things in play. Volume openstack_blockstorage_volume_v3 ...
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How would I change the docker's base directory

All my docker related folders are saved in /var/lib/docker. But my / space is very limited. Hence, I would like all of the content present inside this location to go to say /home/User/my_space. How ...
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Run docker with bind-mount pointing to non-existent host folder: Where is the data?

I run a docker image with a bind-mount pointing to a non-existing host directory. The docker image then created data into that volume, wherever it may be. The data is accessible on every docker run. ...
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Update volume size dynamically from inside a POD

I was wondering how I could dynamically create and then mount new volumes from inside a pod ? At runtime ! I have to download a lot of files with very different sizes and would like the storage to ...
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Docker mount volume on SELinux enabled server

I'm trying to run Nginx as the docker container on SELinux enabled server with mounted configuration as -v /host/path/nginx.conf:/etc/nginx/nginx.conf:Z That works fine till I will deploy updated ...
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Docker in docker volume mount doesn't work

I have the below command in my Jenkinsfile: docker run --rm -v "${WORKSPACE}":/var/cache/de --entrypoint=/usr/local/bin/pytest ${IMAGE_NAME}:${IMAGE_VERSION} -m "not require_dss" -...
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backup dockerise mysql database from host volume

I use a VPS (my host) where a LAMP server was installed. I already have a database associated to host mariaDB server Ver 15.1 Distrib 10.1.47 and automysqlbackup backups it. This part works well. For ...
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How to Connect Docker Containers?

In "What is a container?" the docker docs show the following nifty image: For my scenario I have only App A and App B; let's designate them Alice and Bob. How do Alice and Bob communicate, ...
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Permission denied within mounted volume inside Podman container

I am starting to learn about containers using podman that came with RHEL8.1 (which AFAIK can be used in place of docker), and have the following baby Dockerfile as a learning exercise: # Use Alpine ...
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Upload data into docker container from docker volume

I wish to create a volume and mount it to a docker container in order to collect some artifacts, and I want to reuse these artifacts into another docker container later on. Can i just mount the same ...
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Auto-managed docker-compose volume not shared among containers

I have a bit of hard time understanding the way docker-compose handles auto-managed volumes. Here is an example docker-compose.yml version: '3.7' services: one: image: alpine command: sh -c ...
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Why does my Docker composer not work with volume?

I'm trying to create a volume to be shared among the containers, and this volume binds to a location of my host, the problem is that every time I run the docker-compose up gives the following error: ...
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Docker compose volume syntax valid for Windows and Linux

We have developers working on an app using both Windows and Linux. The application is built within a Docker container, and ships a docker-compose specification for the build environment. The local ...
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Persistent storageClass for GitLab on Kubernetes [closed]

Using the official helm chart and documentation, I want to deploy GitLab to Kubernetes. The storage guide shows how to store persistent data and also offers example Helm values. Sadly this doesn't ...
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Store named volumes on another drive

I'm really familiar with Docker on Linux but my company's IT department uses Windows. They're interested in converting VM-based services over to Docker so I'm trying to get them set up with a good ...
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Docker - Mount a volume from a container to an other (equivalent volumes_from) in docker-compose 3

I've two containers : nginx & angular. The angular container contains the code and is automatically pulled from the registry when there is a new version (with watchtower). I set up a Shared ...
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Where is it said I can safely the same local volume to multiple docker containers?

According to that StackOverflow answer: Yes you can add same location as a volume to many docker containers. But I read the Docker Volume documention and I can't find where it is said a local ...
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How to deal with docker compose's naming convention of named volumes?

When defining named volumes in docker-compose.yml, their names are prepended with their parent folder name. This causes a problem when scripts outside of docker compose have to interact with them. The ...
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