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Use this tag for questions about the waterfall methodology, a process used in software development.

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Can the Waterfall method leverage CI/CD+ and still be considered Waterfall?

Often it seems to be assumed or implied that DevOps is simply the Agile method expanded beyond programming to things like Operations and Configuration as Code, and so forth. So, this has left me ...
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Which Release Management aspects help explain the difference between Waterfall and Agile?

When explaining DevOps to somebody, it happens that a question comes up like: How does Release Management using the Agile methodology differ from Waterfall? So what kind of criteria can you use to ...
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How to transition from a complex branching reality to a single-branch model?

In large organisations, using the waterfall methodology typically results in very complex branching structures (aka branch spagetti). What branching strategies can be used to transition from a ...
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