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Questions tagged [windows]

Windows is the brand name for a series of operating systems from Microsoft. Use this tag to describe questions about DevOps tools and practices on the Windows Operating System.

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0 answers

Build Windows image for openstack with packer

I am trying to build Windows image for Openstack with packer, but i don't know how to add the autounattend.xml file or floppy files. I build the image with success from qemu but I cannot find the same ...
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Is running linux container on windows aws instance possible?

what I'm trying to achieve is running a Linux(ubuntu LST) container inside a windows server 2019 OS. The problem is that the windows OS runs as an AWS instance. There have been problem for me trying ...
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Remote connection from Docker container by FTP

I built my docker image and run it: docker run --rm -P -d test:latest Then I entered the command and opened connection: ftp open XXX I successfully connected and entered user data. After that I ...
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Jenkins build fails when no commits in the code (ChannelSftp.throwStatusError)

I have built a jenkins pipeline for executing a test on a windows server. Once the automated test report is generated on the windows server, it ships that report to a different server. There are ...
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Docker.Core.HttpBadResponseException: {"message":"2 errors occurred:\n\t* provisioning docker WSL distros: deploying

2 years cannot fix error install Docker on Windows Docker.Core.HttpBadResponseException: {"message":"2 errors occurred:\n\t* provisioning docker WSL distros: deploying \"docker-...
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0 answers

Linux Cloud/Windows On Prem Deployments

I have sort of a unique problem where I have a cloud deployment (linux) that needs to be ported to an on-premise deployment (windows). The constraint is that this is medical software and hospitals ...
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1 answer

Failed to start windows service with Start Parameter in golang

I've tried to create a executable as a windows service using golang based on example provided in I intended to create auto start service ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Issue building deb package using Docker/Windows

I am trying to create a way for our developers to be able to build deb packages from their Windows machines. We would like to reuse what we have for *nix so I've written a few batch scripts which are ...
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Docker Desktop - WSL distro termined abruptly

I'm on Windows 10 with Docker Desktop and I get this error every time i'm trying to create the image from this dockerfile: # syntax=docker/dockerfile:1 FROM nvidia/cuda:11.3.1-cudnn8-devel-ubuntu20....
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Bind dedicated ip to docker container in Windows Server 2022

I have a Windows server 2022 host and on it, I launched a docker container running the same Windows server core OS. This server has 2 IPs attached to it and I want one of them to be assigned only to ...
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1 answer

Docker gets stuck when running 16 tests

I'm running my dotnet 7.0 tests using "testcontainers" on windows machine. The tests are parallelized integration tests which use SQL Server inside a Linux docker container. Each test ...
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1 answer

Windows 10 docker desktop keeps showing Kubernetes is starting

I checked the Enable Kubernetes in windows Docker Desktop and it keeps circling and showing Kubernetes is starting... I searched and couldn't find any proper answer. Some advises are about deleting ...
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2 answers

What is the difference between CMD and terminal in Windows machine?

While using the Windows machine we face soo much trouble running the command line scripts on CMD(command prompt). Few commands run successfully but some are not. Why is there any difference between ...
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Jenkins Slaves cannot connect to the Master Jenkins

I switched the Jenkins to using https on port 8080 . After a restart of the Jenkins,the slaves cannot reconnect. I changed only Jenkins location from Configure System -> Jenkins Location -> ...
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