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Questions tagged [windows]

Windows is the brand name for a series of operating systems from Microsoft. Use this tag to describe questions about DevOps tools and practices on the Windows Operating System.

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Configure Docker to use SSL for a private registry on Windows 10?

Trying to use a customer registry from a Windows 10 system - a native Docker client in PowerShell. PS > docker --version Docker version 17.06.0-ce, build 02c1287 PS > docker pull REPO_URL/...
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Who redirect ports on Windows to access http container?

When we use Linux, Docker can create a rule using iptables to do a port redirection to connect in the http of a container. When we use Windows, how does this work?
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Windows Container (Nano Server) with ASP.NET Core

I'm trying to make an Windows Nano Server container that runs an ASP.NET Core app. I'm building it on Windows Server 2016. I can make it work, but there is one odd problem. The only way I can make ...
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How to insert a minion Powershell variable into Salt Pillar or Mine?

Say I have a Powershell script, named test.ps1, that has this: $VariableForPillar = 5 I can call it from a Salt state with - test powershell run: - name: 'C:\Windows\System32\...
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Memory being abruptly freed up every day at about the same time

I have a few VMs on Windows Azure that run our ecommerce website, and lately we started using Telegraf, InfluxDb and Grafana to keep an eye on these machines. After a couple weeks of gathering data, I ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Ansible sporadic errors with Windows machines

I'm running into some on and off issues when using windows hosts in my Ansible playbooks. I'm running Ansible 2.3 with pywinrm 0.2.2 installed. I'm using basic authentication with the local ...
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Windows network share application deployment automation

We have a historically grown setup of interface applications that needs to be inventorized and cleaned up. Afterwards deployment should be automated and application versions somehow documented. My ...
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2 answers

Git seems to recognize http.sslcainfo property from .gitconfig but ignores it on execution? SEC_E_UNTRUSTED_ROOT

all, I have a working certificates chain (testable with OpenSSL) but somehow I cannot manage to tell Git to load these certificates. I get the same "untrusted root authority" error (...
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How are you enforcing git behavior, including locally (particularly on Windows)?

I'm taking point on moving this .NET shop from svn to git, and have identified some ancillary issues I'd like to have a solution for before we flip the switch. The one I'm asking about in particular ...
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