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Specify container IP as extra_hosts in Docker Compose

I have a compose.yaml serving WordPress with a Traefik reverse proxy. The https port 443 loopback for the WordPress container fails by default because the WordPress container only listens on http port ...
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WordPress in docker compose slow first response

In a VPS I have created a structure using docker where there is an NGINX Proxy Manager to handle the incoming requests and with a docker-compose.yaml I have 5-6 simple sites (no eCommerce) running. My ...
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How to configure single nginx ingress with letsencrypt and multiple bitnami wordpress containers?

I'm using bitnami/wordpress helm chart to create many websites which should run on different domains. I'd like to auto secure them and use a single ingress to route traffic. I'm using this tutorial ...
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How to set up WordPress CI/CD pipeline

I am planning to create 3 environments for my website i.e. dev, stage, and production. I am using GitHub to manage the code. So for URLs,, and, the ...
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