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For question about workflows, which are orchestrated business activities, eg to process information.

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Issue building C++ application in multiarch using Gitea/GitHub Actions

I'm trying to create a workflow to build an application in multiple arch (x86_64, i386 and armv7 for the moment), and build linux package for the target OS. Since the project that will use this ...
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How widespread, used is CWL, common workflow language?

Trying to get an overview of different languages and software for workflows and data pipelines--and thus 'data engineering'--I stumbled upon Common Workflow Language. I thought, well, how common is ...
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How does Github Actions work with docker containers?

Consider this GA workflow: name: My GA Workflow on: push jobs: myJobName: runs-on: ubuntu-latest container: cypress/included:10.6.0 steps: - name: Ensure tools are available ...
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Lightweight alternative to healthchecks for flow-control in docker-compose

Currently I have a docker-compose.yaml which still contains depends_on with a condition. Unfortunately this feature got removed in newer versions. There is already a discussion here where some ...
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Use a Kustomize image transformation on an Argo CronWorkflow

I am developing an ETL pipeline using Argo Workflows, and in order to handle environment related configurations, I am using Kustomize. Here is the base/cronworkflow.yaml file apiVersion:
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How do I prevent a given GitHub Workflow from being launched twice from two almost simultaneous events?

I have a repo, in which there is one folder at the root with a Makefile to build a C library. In the same repo, there is another folder at the root with a folder with another Makefile for building a ...
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Migrating to AWS with Devops [closed]

What are they key stages of migrating to AWS with Devops ? Can anyone list a use case or workflow?
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How to specify 'os' for free gitlab runners ('runs-on' equivalent)

How can I specify the operating system in the .gitlab-ci file to indicate which underlying OS on which the gitlab-runner should be running when using the 2,000 minutes of free execution in with gitlab....
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DevOps approach to creating demo data?

Is there a good DevOps method to construct a workflow that creates demo data for a product? This situation is difficult when the app constantly changes. There are a few scenarios to consider. Either ...
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Infrastructure Automation with GitLab

I am looking to validate the use of devops for a team of seven people, each having a specific function. 1 Java Developer 1 System Administrator 1 Team Lead/Project Manager 1 Identity Management ...
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How to add status flags or manual steps to CI/CD process with GitLab Pipelines [closed]

I'm trying to set up a CI/CD GitLab Pipeline with feature branches with various stages of testing, both automated and manual, culminating with an automatic merge to master at the end. I'm struggling ...
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Pros and cons of different deploy strategies

I am not sure about the best way to deploy my program. Lets assume i have two relevant branches release(tested and ready to deploy code) and master. I have two options 1.Merge the release to master ...
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Git Workflow with User Acceptance and Staging Environments

I'm trying to streamline/standardize a git workflow in my workplace. The current delopment process is as follows: Pull 'development' branch Write code and commit and push to 'development' branch ...
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1 second system engineering work cycles: educated workflow setup for Docker-driven development

Maybe the whole setup is wrong but imagine your task is to model a system, or set of systems using Docker, where exact system configuraton can be tricky. The workflow resulting from it seems like ...
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What is the cleanest branching strategy to use when creating reusable artifacts?

If I have 3 environments : integration, staging, and production, what is the cleanest branching strategy to use, assuming I want to reuse my deployed artifact? For example, should feature branches be ...
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Are git pre-receive/update hooks serialized?

I'm investigating the possibility of implementing a "pre-commit" verification flow, enforced on the central SCM server side. By "pre-commit" in this paragraph I don't mean the git pre-commit hook, I ...
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What branching strategies/workflows are available for Git repositories?

I'm looking for a high-level, summary description of the recommended branching strategies/workflows primarily applicable with Git, which would serve as a guide for navigating this environment. ...
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How to find the constraint in a software development shop?

Let us define a constraint as anything that prevents the system from achieving its goal and then look at the goal of DevOps in an organization. A good definition is "DevOps enables a fast flow of ...
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