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Docker images, containers, hub, and everything related to the containerization platform

/base image load you don't wish. Extracts on what matters here, the container size from this blog post with a simple nodejs app: michael@ricardo-2:plans_pkg_part_2$ docker images REPOSITORY … 04c0ca2a8dad 16 hours ago 654.6 MB mfdii/mytutorialapp latest 534afd80d74d 2 minutes ago 182.1 MB mdfii/node-example is a docker image from a classic dockerfile …
answered Mar 7 '17 by Tensibai
An empty of non existent environment variable is the same thing, there's no reason Docker do not allow you to pass an empty variable as it could be a valid use case. It's up to your responsibility … specified. Exiting.'; exit 1; fi' You can play with the exit code to automate some actions on failure around your docker build command. …
answered Jul 19 '17 by Tensibai
You can't run a program running on x11 without a x11 buffer somewhere, be it vnc, xvfb or whatever. You will always need x11 libraries on the system running the program or it couldn't work at all. Tha …
answered Nov 5 '18 by Tensibai
match the recorded state of migration tasks. As you're mounting /var/opt/gitlab as a volume from the host with --volume /docker/gitlab/data:/var/opt/gitlab:Z, there's obviously something broken in those …
answered Jul 9 by Tensibai
As docker is not an operating system, no there's no JDK for docker. As I understand your question, it's that a full JDK is too large for your wishes, in this case you may try switching to just the …
answered Mar 8 '17 by Tensibai
As you can't build a docker image for an arm kernel from a x86 one neither. Nor can't you build an image with a glibc lib targetting a 4.x kernel on a host running a 3.X kernel. Docker isolate …
answered Sep 28 '17 by Tensibai
developers have docker on their system to iterate quickly on fixes or advancement and keeping regression and integration tests in the CI pipeline. That's not required, every dev should be able to choose if …
answered Jan 19 '18 by Tensibai
So after a debug session in chat what is needed is to allow the user running jenkins to be able to sudo docker passwordless on the docker host. A typical sudoers file on ubuntu could be in /etc … /path/to/docker jenkins_user ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:<other needed command to be run as root> This will allow to start the container as root and as such it gives all rights within the container itself by …
answered Apr 4 '17 by Tensibai
PHP with nginx is usually done using php-fpm which is a separate processus. Keeping the core idea of docker of one process (see end of answer for more details on this point) per container this makes … and this allows using a cluster of php-fpm containers behind nginx. After the wall of comment here's a little more background, docker documentation have paragraph about the idea that a container …
answered Sep 20 '17 by Tensibai
hitting a wall very quickly when they depend on the same thing (let's keep nodejs here) in two different versions. The main goal of docker is to isolate each application from the hosting system and …
answered Mar 3 '17 by Tensibai
You have either a bad understanding or misconception about how a cidr works. is just one address in the range - So either your cidr bits are not the one you'r …
answered Sep 26 '17 by Tensibai
Mainly the reason is to keep your image building steps intact if you get to move from docker to another image building system. Packer does support a bunch of providers (builders in packer … the same if you build a docker image or an AWS ami for example (you can even build both at the same time). …
answered Sep 8 '17 by Tensibai
have it's own "place" on host or two same containers will fight for the same resource. When interleaving on stdout to take advantage of docker logs it can become a nightmare for analysis if the sources … and logstash within the same container, that may ease the log handling, but you have to shutdown apache to update logstash. (In reality, you should use the logging driver of Docker) Will it be a …
answered Mar 9 '17 by Tensibai
good reason to go this way :) So clearly you can, I wonder why you want the VPN server to run within docker as this add a routing complexity you should avoid if you're not comfortable with the …
answered Mar 14 '18 by Tensibai
To avoid relying on dind (out of building new images from a dockerfile which should be ok) I'd look around Jenkins's kubernetes plugin. It obviously needs to bring to life a kubernetes cluster but al …
answered Mar 28 '17 by Tensibai

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