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Is there any way I can rotate AWS KMS keys every time interval < 1 year?

The AWS documentation is clear that automated key rotation is only supported by Amazon on a yearly basis. However, you can use the CLI to manually create new keys, and then use an automation technique ...
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Why does the datasource "external" always fail?

The command being run by the external provider here is equivalent to the following: bash "export ENC_HOOK_URL=$(aws --profile ${AWS_PROFILE} \ kms encrypt --key-id ${KMS_ALIAS} --plaintext ${HOOK_URL}...
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1 vote

Troubleshooting VPC flow logs with an S3 bucket using SSE-KMS encryption with CMK

Turns out I was missing one very important line in my KMS key policy: resources = ["*"] Now it works fine, and my full policy looks like this: { "Version": "2012-10-17", "Statement": [ ...
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