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A value stream is a process that adds value to a collection of things that have less inherent value. The canonical example there is an assembly line. I have little interest in a disconnected collection of parts (steering wheel, shifter, gas pedal.) On the other hand, I'll pay good money for a car. Car manufacturers add value to the parts in the form of ...


What is Value Stream Mapping A Value Stream Map is a representation of the flow of work, inventory and information from supplier to the customer through your organization. The VSM enables you to see at a glance where the delays are in your process, any constraints and excessive work or inventory. For IT organizations, one common notation is that inventory ...


I must admit that I don't quite get the examples your giving. Sure, random numbers will be different between the two environments. Blue-green means simply to have two nearly identical production environments with some kind of router/load balancer in front. Clients talk to the load balancer, and the LB routes requests to one of the two environments. To ...


Squale (free) Kalistick MetrixWare Cast


Ok no so obvious but at least one possible way is: Note the component ID in the TravisCI report Use the ID and this documentation to get data: https://sonarcloud.io/api/measures/component?componentId=&metricKeys=code_smells

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