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What is the purpose of running PHP-FPM in its own container instead in the same container as apache2/nginx?

Im heavily investigating this, and like many people, im discovering that in 2020 there doesn't seem to be so much logic in separating tightly coupled webserver + PHP + app process/code from each other:...
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Load balancing Nexus artifact repository

Sonatype's Nexus 3 Pro supports High Availability through a couple of mechanisms that are collectively known as Component Fabric: Peer-to-peer Repository Managers means there is no one master, also ...
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What is the purpose of running PHP-FPM in its own container instead in the same container as apache2/nginx?

Separation of concerns is quite a strong reason to keep web server and php-fpm on separate containers, especially in Kubernetes. Containers can be created and maintained by separated teams (PHP by ...
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How to give value in runtime for chef

You shouldn't. Instead you should use proper secrets management system that would provide you unlocked SSL certificate. By secret management I mean tooling like k8s secret management or Vault. You ...
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Automating the creation of an Apache virtual-host file specifically

This has already been covered a bit in the comments, but I figured I'd lay out a more extensive answer. Is there a way to automate that / shorten the amount of lines code (the actual script-file is ...
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GitLab pipeline stop at the stage of pulling an image from Docker hub

I image you have used the dockerExecutor in gitlab-runner. This means you try to use docker-in-docker. I suggest to configure the docker ...
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How can I get client IP on apache insted of Docker container IP?

When you deploy something via a Docker-container, you have to keep in mind that it's (normally) not-directly-connected to the rest of the world (the Internet, in your case) and that such a connection (...
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Install apache on awa ec2 from locally installed ansible server on my laptop

You need to put public ip address or hostname assigned by aws ec2 service, if your aws ec2 instance is public. If your aws ec2 instance is located in vpc, you won't be able to connect it directly. ...
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Jenkins deploy static web with Apache2

As mentioned, there are many ways to accomplish the final goal of exposing a site built from a Jenkins job to public traffic. Both ideas could work, but here are some tweaks. Instead of changing the ...
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Deploy dist file in docker file

There are lots of good tutorials for NGINX and it is an easy server to setup with the Angular router. You can still accomplish this with an Apache server, but you may need more steps in your ...
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VAD (Vagrant-Ansible-Docker) stack for Ubuntu and Apache

I think your research is leading you in the right direction, but I cannot see the value of Docker in here. I found managing LAMP environments with Ansible completely unproblematic and the scripts I ...
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Ansible translation: Installing Apache + Certbot in Ubuntu

If you really want to create the role yourself, you have to use --agree-tos --noninteractive to disable user interaction. See for more details
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Apache container cant access php files mounted in /var/www/ - 403 error

SELinux prevent the docker filesystem to work in the intended way, to fix this issue just add the :Z flag at the end of the volume declaration. It goes something like this: docker run -d -p 8080:80 -...
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