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How do I run Terraform with AWS MFA?

The solution is to specify an assume_role statement: provider "aws" { profile = "default" assume_role { role_arn = "arn:aws:iam::[ACCOUNT_ID]:role/terraform-test-role" } }
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Heroku Slack integration without using Github

ChatOps uses GitHub status checks, so it's decidedly GitHub specific and won't work with another provider. However, if you're just after notifications, what about Heroku's App webhooks? They have an '...
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How to login to k8s proxy nowadays?

What is the Kubernetes version? Is it >1.8 ? (which has RBAC enabled by default). The error message says that the Kubernetes Dashboard service account is not allowed to list configmaps in default ...
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Can not authenticate to DockerHub with ctr; works fine with crictl$IMAGE:$TAG The problem here is simple the right syntax for ctr isn't but that should now work with --creds "evancarroll:$...
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Using GSuite or Github to Manage who can log into Linux or Windows VMs on Azure

I would really prefer to not have to also manage a separate Active Directory Domain within our VNets You've already found the answer: centralized authentication. If you use a tool like Okta, you can ...
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Create User Using Ansible with Authenticate Pem File

I suspect what is happening here is you are trying to insert the private key into the authorized_keys file, which is invalid as only the public key is required on the target machine. What you need to ...
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How to allow an application outside GCP to consume a GCP Vertex AI endpoint?

User-manager Service Accounts (SA) are identity that a GCP application can use to run API requests on your behalf. If you created a custom SA dedicated to the external application and share keys with ...
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Can not authenticate to DockerHub with ctr; works fine with crictl

This is actually how I got it working with "ctr 1.4.6". ctr image pull --user "myusername:mypasswd" Hope it helps someone.
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In Ubuntu, how do I authenticate to trigger a Jenkins job remotely using the CLI?

This is covered in the documentation. In short, if you are triggering via HTTP, you need to generate an authentication token and use it with HTTP Basic auth, for instance: curl -X POST -L --user your-...
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Jenkins pipeline for restricted repo

In the pipeline post actions you can use this: post { always { deleteDir() // clean up our workspace } } What way no files in the workspace remain. You have to either copy the file you want ...
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How do I implement user authentication and management in Kubernetes?

I'm trying to architect a micro-service application, that runs in Kubernetes. It consists of several RESTful APIs. I want a central point to implement authentication for these APIs. This is a good ...
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How do I run Terraform with AWS MFA?

The error message here is telling you that you are not allowed to enable MFADelete without having an authenticated token with mfa. Meaning the executing principal must have logged in with MFA. ...
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How do I run Terraform with AWS MFA?

I was looking into a similar use case and found this github issue in the terraform public repo: As quoted in that issue: "...
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Jenkins Pipeline GitLab API Credentials Management

Are you doing the building using web hooks or just polling? I think it's inevitable that you'll have to create a Jenkins account to manage API access. This Gitlab link explains how to use the Jenkins ...
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