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This is possible using AWS SDKs. I was cleaning my tabs after finishing this task and decided I would write an answer to help other people. Versions: aws-cli/2.0.61 go1.15.3 linux/amd64 Let's do this in Golang with the right imports. import ( "fmt" "" "context" "github....


Update: The import of JSONDecoderError from json module is a valid syntax only starting from Python 3.5, while in previous versions it was a subclass of ValueError class. Apparently the latest version of awsebcli 3.20.0 should launch with python >= 3.5 instead of python <= 2.7. Apparently nothing suggested worked for me. Though I used the official aws ...


In the end I decided to go another way. I don't think it was actually a good idea to modify things in that way when the worker boots. It can cause problems because if you have to do some emergency modification of the configuration those changes will be reverted the next time your worker instances restart. Instead, on boot the worker checks if the queue ...


I just solved it using put-scheduled-update-group-action aws autoscaling put-scheduled-update-group-action --auto-scaling-group-name temp_4_jenkins --scheduled-action-name training --start-time 2020-11-23T09:10:00Z --min-size 0 --max-size 0 --desired-capacity 0 --region eu-west-1 --output json

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