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Yes and it costs 400$ a month. It's a live diagram of all the resource in your organization, which means that it's capable of generating a live diagram for several accounts. Seems crazy, but this can actually be useful to get a birdseye view of all the resources in complex scenarios. ...


You'll have to use the output of the list in a for loop to get the subnet ids for_each, but it would look something like this: data "aws_vpcs" "foo" {} output "vpcs" { value = }


Not technically, I understand your need to create and destroy EC2 instances, whether it's done via automation or not. About having permissions at the security group level, this can often be limited to viewing only the resource, as it is a networking firewall resource, usually who manages these objects are SDN or NaaS


It should be written as: output "vpc_id" { value = }

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