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Once again, come across the answer right after asking the question. Needed to look at the Kubectl task and not the Kubernetes manifest task. Particularly the Commands section: - task: Kubernetes@1 displayName: kubectl apply using arguments inputs: connectionType: Azure Resource Manager azureSubscriptionEndpoint: $(azureSubscriptionEndpoint) ...


Short answer, yes. Azure Pipelines supports conditional steps. Find these under Control Options in any build step. How you build your custom conditions will depend on what triggers your step to true/false. The screenshot has an example of how we control a build step based on a build variable (defined in the variables tab of the pipeline).


This is a good question because you would assume you could do what you are after, but as far as I know you can't yet. From the docs on sharing of parallel jobs across projects in a collection Currently, there isn't a way to partition or dedicate parallel job capacity to a specific project or agent pool. I considered trying to do buckets via capabilities ...


I think I see what you are after. Build variables created in the Variables tab of the GUI designer are scoped to the entire definition. But you can set a Job Scoped variable from a script within a GUI based pipeline. So within the context of each of the Agent Jobs you have defined above, you would add a powershell task that would allow you to set the ...


I don't think you can alter the trigger right now in Azure DevOps. What I do is to create an extra task to start with, and use powershell (or your language of choice) to check if the week number is even or odd and then proceed with the build or not.


The stock Azure Pipelines app for Slack does not support that workflow of uploading artifacts to Slack. You could use this marketplace task and upload your release notes artifact with it. Bonus points suggestion, if you are going down the release notes path I would take a look at using Richard Fennell's Generate Release Notes task in combination with the ...

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