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Azure DevOps Build Validation of other repo's pipeline: "while loading the YAML build pipeline. Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

That is possible if your yaml does not exist in the source or target gat branch. The build tries to run but can not fetch the yaml in the downloaded source code. If you create your yaml only on master ...
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How to setup a DotNetCoreCLI@2 task to publish a self-contained exe-file for a WPF project with .Net 8?

Finally, I have received the result as it was intended to be. This answer was the final clue. And I did find the reference in Microsoft documentation. These properties are set in the project file: ...
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Why are the outputs variables that I am passing from one job to another showing empty in Azure pipelines?

For deployment jobs check this format $[dependencies.<job-name>.outputs['<job-name>.<step-name>.<variable-name>']]. Documentation: Support for output variables
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What are the differences between Azure DevOps (Pipelines) and GitHub Actions?

Different between Azure DevOps versus GitHub Actions: Azure Pipelines supports a legacy classic editor, which lets you define your CI configuration in a GUI editor instead of creating the pipeline ...
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