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You don't make any mention of the scripting language you want to use, so I will talk specifically about the HTTP requests to the BitBucket API: Assumptions If you have a BitBucket Repository that has three commits in in it the first and the last are failing the build, the middle is passing: 4768815 ❌ 49d7110 ✅ 42d357f ❌ Get the list of commits You can ...


I believe it is now possible to configure the webhook on per-repo basis:


If you just need generic post-receive hooks, you can just do a regular web hook and hit the build API endpoint. For instance, if the name of your Jenkins server is and the name of the Pipeline job to trigger is my_awesome_job, then you can fire off a POST request to Depending on your ...


To expand on the answer above - try using: branch: "origin/pr/${pullRequestId}/from" Because in groovy, string interpolation is not done for simple strings - i.e. strings within single quotes. See for details on that.


In groovy script, you need to reference environment variables in a different way than in bash. So probably this line is causing trouble: branch: ('origin/pr/${pullRequestId}/from') Try using: branch: ('origin/pr/' + env.pullRequestId + '/from')


One could update the build status in bitbucket as follows: Adding a build result to a commit To associate a build result with a particular commit, you need to POST a JSON object to the build status REST resource at: https://<bitbucket-base-url>/rest/build-status/1.0/commits/<commit-hash> The format of the JSON object that ...


In a typical Continuous Delivery/Deployment pipeline you would have the following happen: Developer pushes one or more commits, or, a pull request is merged. Jenkins automatically builds and executes tests. If successful Jenkins publishes a deployment package to an Artefact Repository; if failure publishes nothing and notify developers. Deployment ...


You could: prune your branches. (guessing you'd have done this by now if feasible.) implement Jenkinsfile, a code-driven pipeline, and simply remove the jenkinsfile from the branches you don't want built or triggered by SCM-polling.


As I was not able to tackle the bug in the Java code and the bug was already reported in 2017 I decided to write this plugin. This binary is able to send a build status even when a branch is built for the first time.


One could use SCM polling and specify different branches that need to be polled.

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