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How to bind ports for docker container in bitbucket pipelines?

Try running with -d detached flag docker run -td -p 3000:3000 -p 6379:6379 -p 8983:8983 my_dockerhub/image # here ^ Containers started in detached mode exit when the root process used to run ...
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Unable to use AWS ECS docker context in bitbucket pipelines deployment step

I found the answer in this github issue if DOCKER_HOST environment variable is set, we ignore the current context setting. Bitbucket sets this environment ...
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OOM when running Bitbucket pipelines

I suspect that Bitbucket pipelines is enforcing this memory limit, not docker-compose. Similarly to docker-compose, the Bitbucket pipelines code is likely to use Linux CGroups to enforce the memory ...
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How to deploy applications to k8s using bitbucket pipelines?

You need to separate your daily authentication method of the CD authentication. You should start understanding the different methods that K8S offers ...
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How to avoid code duplication in bitbucket-pipelines?

Unlike the declarative pipelines in Jenkins, bitbucket does not seem to have such functionality. In order to prevent code duplication a script was created and the current bitbucket-pipelines looks as ...
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Advantages of using Code-pipeline and Codebuild for CI/CD over Bitbucket pipeline?

A bit too long for a comment, so converting to an answer: That's super broad and highly depends on your final needs IMHO, if you're full AWS and ok with being vendor locked down, then code commit/code ...
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Is there a better model for my CI/CD cycle?

Key issue with this approach is that applying commits selectively is extremely problematic. Basically, how do you know whether commits are dependent or independent? As you correctly mentioned, this is ...
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Bitbucket pipelines: Deployment destination dependent on commit author

the idea is for each team member to have his/her own environment assigned, but deploy using a shared parametrized pipeline You could use definitions for the steps for each environment. definitions: ...
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What's the equivalent of `heroku container:release web` without using heroku-cli?

You can install the Heroku CLI via npm - which might be the simplest. Note that your Heroku API key has to have the env var name HEROKU_API_KEY for the Heroku CLI to accept it as an auth token (ie. ...
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Continuous integration using bitbucket pipelines failed for OpenEdx

The author of the Q&A indicated that the issue has been solved since absolute paths were used.
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How to configure bitbucket pipeline and deploy to alibaba clouds

You can be done this task using below steps: 1: Creating the Bitbucket Git Repository And Adding our Application and Docker Configurations in it 2: Integrating Bitbucket with ACR 3: Deploying The ...
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