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How to cache node_modules folder when using Jenkins Multibranch Pipeline

It is possible to do this (not with any built-in steps; you essentially have to either use a global cache or write your own caching tool), but I do not recommend it. When I've tried this in the past, ...
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Docker ADD always invalidates cache

Check the image history of your two images with docker image history. Pay careful attention to the sha256 checksum of the files being added on the ADD line. Docker performs a checksum on the files, ...
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For storing avatars in s3, which approach has the lowest cost?

For the best performance naming many small files in an s3 bucket may not be the best idea unless they user_id is a random string. See how the S3 hashing algorithm works
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Docker - which cache is used to build image

Answer The default location of the image cache is under /var/lib/docker. More answer The "cache" features in docker are more like a communication vehicle for the documentation, than a proper, ...
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How to cache node_modules folder when using Jenkins Multibranch Pipeline

Adjust Jenkins job "Build Environment" see also add ...
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Looking for a good book explaining how things work in the industrial system test environment and production environment

Dude, will depends of what you want to use or follow. Actually cloud + DevOps it's a buzzword in use. So you can start reading about Cloud Architecture, Modern Infrastructure. Refer about one book, ...
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Can I persist a Yarn install through different stages in a GitLab pipeline?

We install things in the before_script section of the .gitlab-ci.yml that way on every run of the runner we know what packages exist for each stage.
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if the bottle neck is the number of connections, is it better to scale redis by sharding or by replication?

Redis Cluster could be considered as an OOTB solution for the Scalability requirements. There is another interesting open source library known as Redis Shard for sharding implementations on Redis. ...
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How to cache node_modules folder when using Jenkins Multibranch Pipeline

The best way I have found so far is to use Docker containers with a docker file that does the installation of node_modules before running other steps. I make sure all jobs of this multi branch ...
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