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Cassandra DB: store binary file record via shell

The only way to do it with cqlsh is wrap binary file into CSV file and run cqlsh --some_args -e 'COPY table_name FROM binary_wrapped.csv', but in order to do so you have to generate a new primary key ...
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Cassandra persistence with Docker - is an example of a comprehensive, up-to-date and facts-based guideline for a deployment architecture available?

Since you posted your original question, Datastax has come out with dockerized images of datastax enterprise, along with a comprehensive guide. I'd start with this reference and maybe check out this ...
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Ansible Playbook fails start Apache Cassandra

I found my fault. It's necessary define a cassandra.service to Systemd manages Cassandra: path: /etc/systemd/system/cassandra.service And adjust like you installation [Unit] Description=Cassandra ...
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Why are valid directives in my Dockerfile apparently being ignored?

It looks like your Dockerfile is attempting a multistage build: FROM ubuntu:latest ... FROM python:2.7 ... This is a feature that enables you to build parts of your image in a separate build ...
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