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Code splitting practice using CDN

Your main problem is that you're flushing the CDN when you're deploying a new set of artefacts, which will effectively ruin anything still in progress (whatever its state). You should add the new ...
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Billing my clients for CDN usage

I did something similar with Akamai a few years ago that might work for you and I have a Plan B in case this doesn't fit your needs. Plan A assign each client a unique hostname. So you might have ...
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What's the best way to restrict an environment to a specific CDN?

If the different CDNs are hosted at different IP addresses one possibility might be to configure the local hosts table for the machines in a certain environment in such way as to overwrite the DNS ...
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Service for hosting native JavaScript ES modules

Have you considered It supports CORS headers, it is dedicated to JavaScript after all. It supports HTTP/2 as well as SPDY. The cache duration is 355 days, which is probably plenty long ...
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