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A changelog is handy as one will see what changes reside in a certain release. A couple of months ago one of my tools was not working anymore. By consulting the Changelog it was possible to find the issue quite fast. Examples: https://github.com/030/n3dr/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md https://github.com/030/dip/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md By creating the Changelog ...


In situation like this I tend to visit the project and dig in some code. For this particular case this is the PR that the metric was introduced in - https://github.com/argoproj/argo-cd/pull/1184. You can go from there and do some more research. argocd_app_reconcile_count is metric related to Argo CD Application Controller, basically each time a reconcile ...


if: $SHOULD_COPY_ASSETS checks for the existence of the variable, not its value. You want something like if: $SHOULD_COPY_ASSETS != "false"

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