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You've missed the part of the 1st quote about multi-stage builds and other methods which avoid exactly the problem mentioned in the 2nd quote: the resulting image would consist of it's base image and artifacts from previous stages while being run in the same build step of a pipeline.


Docker allows you to pull a cache from anywhere with a --cache-from command. See dockumentation here: The easiest approach is to build your images with the --build-arg BUILDKIT_INLINE_CACHE=1 flag which stores the metadata needed to build from cache. You can store ...


If you really want to, you can use ${BUILD_URL}/consoleText or even better $JENKINS_HOME/jobs/$JOB_NAME/builds/lastSuccessfulBuild/log there is the log of the last successful build, the others are: lastCompletedBuild lastFailedBuild lastStableBuild lastUnstableBuild lastUnsuccessfulBuild

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