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How to store credentials that are required by an application?

Proper management of an application's secrets has always been a challenge. New challenges came with the adoption of the cloud. There's a great OWASP presentation about the reality and challenges of ...
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How do we encrypt credentials in Jenkins console output

Here's an example of using them in a pipeline safely. In this case, they are injected as environment variables and their value should never have to be shown unless you explicitly choose to print out ...
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How to store credentials that are required by an application?

For a purely EC2-based environment, the easiest solution is to use AWS IAM roles and S3 bucket policies. Some formulations of this pattern also include KMS for encryption and DynamoDB instead of S3 ...
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AWS Credentials - What are multi region user/role management best practices?

Start by reading this: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/IAM/latest/UserGuide/best-practices.html Those are best-practices and do not take into account business policies. I don't think having one account ...
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How do I expire users credentials for Kubernetes in Azure?

First How to check Check certificate expiration You can use the kubeadm alpha certs check-expiration command to check when certificates expire on a given cluster. Simplest remedy : you can choose to ...
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Jenkinsfile credential as paramter unable to use it

withCredentials publish environment variables, and in sh to access the environment variables, you have to do it like this: "${env.JOB_BASE_NAME}". Try this: withCredentials([usernamePassword(...
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Host credential manager and Docker runners

You need to provide more information about the technology stack. In a nutshell, you would mix the responsibilities of the host, taking care for the gitlab runnner + credential store is not a good ...
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git reflog is showing plain text password used

You could use the git credentials.helper feature https://git-scm.com/docs/gitcredentials
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How do I expire users credentials for Kubernetes in Azure?

You would normally use an Azure AD object like a Service Principal to get the credentials for AKS using the az aks get-credentials command. To expire the aks credentials, you need to set a policy for ...
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