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Why is Prometheus not a good choice for data with high cardinality?

As far as I know, Prometheus doesn't mind high-cardinality data. What Prometheus doesn't like is high-cardinality labels. Let's start with Prometheus official documentation, it gives a good high-...
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How to shut down a stateless app gracefully?

kill -9 is used by the kernel to terminate stateful programs that are no longer responding (including to shutdown requests). To gracefully shut down a stateful app you would use kill -15 which ...
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4 votes

Persistent Storage with Docker in Production - Which Solution and Why?

I can answer the 2nd point: Docker is most suited in a micro service based architecture when the application runs inside the containers but the storage or any other live sessions are maintained in ...
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What strategies can be employed to secure sensitive data in log files?

I think the solution comes down to a broad spectrum of approaches that ensures data protection: Data Classification: The most efficient technical strategy is to categorise the data at the point of ...
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3 votes

What are your companies policies for S3 data durability?

The durability design objective is not especially relevant above some number of 9's, because it is simultaneously both extremely unlikely and non-zero. The 99.999999999% durability is easily ...
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3 votes

How to shut down a stateless app gracefully?

A stateless app can always handle kill -9? Yes. But even a stateless app handles connections from the outside (or it would do nothing, really!). That is the issue here. If your app, say, some HTTP ...
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Traverse nested dictionary with keeping the keys in ansible

Let's simplify the dictionary in the first task and loop the subelements in the second. The tasks below - set_fact: nginx_users_selected: "{{ nginx_users_selected| ...
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2 votes

What is DataOps?

Over time, I have come to be of the opinion that DevOps was born when the philosophy of the Agile methodology was applied to Operations. Similarly so with SecOps. Wikipedia indicates that Agile ...
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Terraform error Reference to “count” in non-counted context for resources not necessarily data

As far as your error goes.... count is a reserved name. It's only accessible when the block you're writing has a count set! You just need to specify the count of aws_internet_gateway data resources ...
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1 vote

How to put production-like data into version control

it depends a bit what kind of cms you use, most cms offer a way to package data in to packages that you can check in to git and deploy to databases almost like code to webapps. For example, we work ...
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How can I best deliver read only data assets to a Kubernetes application?

we'd prefer not to bake them into the actual Docker image itself (plus we want the ability to change the assets without having to recompile the application images). This is indeed good properties to ...
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DevOps approach to creating demo data?

Welcome to DevOps SE! Is it possible to make data management and operation of data sets to be an asset on its own? It seems like data has become more important so a more data-centric approach could ...
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