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1 Octopus can now be launched in a docker container in linux


Environment approvals work per-stage. Split your jobs into separate stages: stages: - stage: development condition: contains(variables['Build.SourceBranch'], 'refs/heads/develop') jobs: - deployment: Deploy_Dev displayName: 'Deploy Develop to Dev Machine' pool: name: Development environment: 'development' ...


We have been using elastic/helm-charts for more than a year for our product, and it is easy to manage and scale on-demand. Let me know if you need any help in deploying the helm chart.


Your use case is very simple, so relying on GIT_STRATEGY=fetch is probably sufficient and as you said the default behavior. You should be cautious using artifacts unnecessarily as they are uploaded to the gitlab server. The answer to your question generally depends on a few things, like the size of your repository, network connection, runner executor type, ...

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