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Helm supports sub charts. You could make your ingress yaml file into its own helm chart. You could then make a base chart then put both of your charts in it as subcharts. (Or have one of your charts as the "Main chart" and another as a subchart.)


While I also vouch for Argo CD and GitOps, it is important to mention that Argo CD alone is not enough to track deployments and versioning, especially across multiple environments. We are building Reliza Hub to bridge that gap - see my write-up here about a sample project and how it allows you track different environments and drifts -


I would suggest try out Terraform with the helm provider. I work with this every day and all of our helm charts have custom values files for deployment. I guess this can be considered a "best practice" depending on the company. So how the flow goes: We have a custom app all in K8S. We set up a helm_release with terraform. We specify the custom ...


for a short or one liner you need gitops, and argocd is a proper tool to do it See we were using same with #axelor, we need to maintain the version of each module and environment separately so we need to git these rather the excel file methodology. Argocd is platform and definition from their website Argo CD is a declarative, GitOps continuous delivery tool ...

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