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How to improve DRP-testing of SE sites?

NOTE: It's probably not worth reading too much into the outward comprehension of how good-or-not StackExchange is at managing their disaster recovery scenarios. I suspect they are following much of ...
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Original Helm chart gone - how can I find / get it from the cluster?

You can use helm get manifest <RELEASE_NAME> to fetch the kubernets manifests and you can use helm get values <RELEASE_NAME> to get the values.yaml from the cluster. But I don't think ...
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1 vote

Cross region replication of Redis Docker container data

You don't mention orchestration, are you planning to implement all by your own configuration on top of Ubuntu? I recommend you that take a look at Kubernetes and StatefulSet workloads https://...
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Best practices for external backups for S3 buckets?

In terms of S3, for increased durability, consider cross region replication as an option if you want to increase the durability. AWS also provides their AWS Backup service you might investigate. I'm ...
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