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Measuring image pull latency in k8s cluster

For Kubernetes >=1.30 Kubelet now exports a histogram, image_pull_duration_seconds, for exactly this case. See kubernetes/kubernetes#121719 for details.
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Ubuntu container not running in detached mode

The ubuntu image, by defaults, starts a shell. If standard input isn't connected, the container exits immediately. You can see this even without detached mode; try this: docker run ubuntu:latest You ...
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Ignore 'host not found in upstream' in docker swarm environment

When nginx start up it scans its config one time and resolves any static dns entries for servers using the system configured dns. If entries fail, nginx abandons them. However, you can configure ...
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how to check running containers with containerd

I feel relevant and important to note that: ctr c ls lists all containers, i.e. either stopped or running. In accordance with the question title: to precisely list all running containers (in the ...
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