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Best practice when automating Drupal (or other soft) installation regarding database settings

Your question sounds like you should have a look at what I call Features Configuration Management, aka FCM. FCM is not only about using Drupal's Features module, and not about Configuration Management ...
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How can Jenkins help to implement CI/CD for Drupal?

What you've listed is actually two different things, continuous delivery and continuous integration. When people talk about CI they typically are only referring to the testing part; automated unit, ...
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How can I calculate costs of deploying 1000 instances of Drupal?

In reply to 'Would Amazon EC2 / Google / Azure be cheaper than having dedicated servers?' I've done a lot of investigating into this and in every case they are NOT. 80 Linux servers running 24h/365 ...
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Continuous delivery workflow: Build script for PHP Composer (Drupal) on Docker

Each CI/CD system is different when it comes to performing the job(s) that the execution pipeline consists of. In most (if not all) cases the details are part of a configuration which is specific to ...
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