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What's the benefit of using Nginx to serve a Flask API on AWS?

Unless you are using the AWS API Gateway, you'll still need some way of "serving" your Flask API. You will also need to provision an EC2 instance and run something to serve your API. Instead of ...
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hello world with flask and redis using docker networking

Yes, it's absolutely reasonable and this is how real apps work. This is the microservice approach which allows to independently scale instances of a service and a DB. What you have to do is to run ...
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Best approach to toggle app availability in azure?

You are looking for Serverless. The app will be auto-scaled up if there's a demand.'s user avatar
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Docker container host machine communication

You can run your flask container using the host networking mode. This way docker won't isolate the container and will run it the same network namespace as the host, and you container will be able to ...
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Is it a bad idea to use a web app including nginx, gunicorn and flask in a single docker container?

While this is possible it is not a best practice. Whenever possible, containers should contain a single process. The reasoning for this is: It fosters a modular design where you can more easily ...
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Where can I find a Dockerfile + required files to create a Flask/MySQL forum/webapp with users?

This question seems to be in two parts: How to deploy a flask+database app in Docker? Is there a non-trivial application to use as example? The second part is difficult to answer, it will depend on ...
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