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Fluentd unable to read logs from all namespaces

Million dollar question - are you running your fluentD as a DaemonSet? If not, there's a chance that fluentd simply isn't running on the node where some containers live. Otherwise, my best guess is, ...
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elasticsearch-fluentd helm chart on Openshift 3.11 pod failing

Changing logging driver form journald to json has fixed it. I edited /etc/sysconfig/docker, and set OPTIONS='--selinux-enabled --log-driver=json-file --signature-verification=false' Then restarted ...
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What is the difference between Fluent Bit and Prometheus?

This is a little off. You are comparing a "Time Series Database" to a "Log Shipper". How Prometheus Works Any service/entity prometheus wants to run monitor has to provide an &...
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