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You need a little more understanding of Git and Continuous Integration (CI) systems. The main goal of a CI system is to automate the building of your project or code when it receives notification that a change has occurred in your git repository. But there are nuances that can be added so a specific change to the code repository so it doesn't start the CI ...


While I also vouch for Argo CD and GitOps, it is important to mention that Argo CD alone is not enough to track deployments and versioning, especially across multiple environments. We are building Reliza Hub to bridge that gap - see my write-up here about a sample project and how it allows you track different environments and drifts -


for a short or one liner you need gitops, and argocd is a proper tool to do it See we were using same with #axelor, we need to maintain the version of each module and environment separately so we need to git these rather the excel file methodology. Argocd is platform and definition from their website Argo CD is a declarative, GitOps continuous delivery tool ...

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