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How does Github Actions work with docker containers?

Yes your understanding is correct. The full documentation is here https://docs.github.com/en/actions/using-jobs/running-jobs-in-a-container
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How many deployment environments are appropriate for SPA + API architecture?

My first thought when I see two components that depend on each other during a deployment - often the app and the database - I try to come up with a way to decouple them. If you can deploy your UI and ...
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CI statistics for GitHub actions

Nothing like this exists in GitHub unfortunately. Insights will give you PR and merge statistics, but not build times or such. This would have to be implemented with a 3rd party tool or self-built.
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User-level secrets in GitHub Actions

I haven't seen this, since the GHA only has the person who triggered and commits context available. For testing, it's better to have a user assigned to this purposes and then store its secrets in the ...
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Our code is behind a firewall and we don't want to put source code in cloud. Are there any good CI/CD using local agents for Azure/Github actions

Azure DevOps also has a solution called Azure DevOps Server. It allows you to host you source code on-prem, and also build on-prem. Depending on your needs you could store your artifact on-prem or in ...
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