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Should I turn off copilot for text files containing secrets?

Cutting off copilot for files that contain secrets is a good idea. The risk that github gets hacked may be small, but it is still a risk that can be easily avoided so why take a chance? Keep in mind ...
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Where can I find GitHub's key id to import key for github_repository_deploy_key resource?

OK, I found it.. gh api<OWNER>/<REPO>/keys | jq .[].id
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CI statistics for GitHub actions

Nothing like this exists in GitHub unfortunately. Insights will give you PR and merge statistics, but not build times or such. This would have to be implemented with a 3rd party tool or self-built.
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User-level secrets in GitHub Actions

I haven't seen this, since the GHA only has the person who triggered and commits context available. For testing, it's better to have a user assigned to this purposes and then store its secrets in the ...
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Use ansible to create GitHub repository with README

In GH API endpoint that is used in this module has the optional parameter auto_init - for the creation of empty README (
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Can I have a GitHub hosted Github Enterprise instance running under my own domain?

If You want to separate from, ask GH Team for a GitHub Enterprise Managed Users trial. It is hosted on but as a "separate instance," so like with GH Server, all users will ...
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