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Restrict access to trigger the GitLab pipeline job

We are using protected environment and protected variables in CICD. Only mainteiners have access to them. So anyone could trigger pipeline, but it was failed, cause there no access to k8s, and other ...
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Stage and jobs blocks breaks gitlab CI with "configuration is invalid: jobs jobs config should implement a script: or a trigger: keyword"

In GitLab CI version 13.0 and later, the script keyword should be nested within a before_script or after_script section e.g. for the code above the middle must be replaced with before_script: - ...
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Restrict access to trigger the GitLab pipeline job

I had a requirement for a job to run manually and only select users should run the job. Below is the rule: - if: $CI_PIPELINE_SOURCE == "web" && $GITLAB_USER_LOGIN == "<...
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How can I push to a repo when CI_JOB_TOKEN doesn't permit it?

Sorry for long read... You could try that solution: That authentication approach can be defined in ...
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Why i cant include a .yml in CI/CD, using rules with mine variables?

Add the variable as a global project variable so that you can get its value in the linked yml file. Settings -> CI/CD -> Variables
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